The price shown is for 5 individually wrapped tests. US15


Are you concerned that someone in your family or an employee may be using cannabis? Cannabis also known as Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in New Zealand and Australia.

We have been providing these drug test kits to families, schools, community groups and employers for over 7 years now

The feedback from parents or couples is they often wish they had used one of the test kits sooner. For ages they have lived with feelings that were often a mixture of disappointment and guilt. Being unsure whether their child or partner was taking drugs had broken the trust in the relationship and put a strain on communication. By using one of these test kits you will have a clear result within 5 minutes and be able to move forward.

Included with the drug test kits

We include a double sided Cannabis Fact Sheet provided with each order that explains the three different types of Cannabis and the short & long term effects of someone taking cannabis. The fact sheet has been prepared by the Foundation for alcohol and drug education.

Testing process

You can use this home test kit in the privacy & convenience of your own home to check for traces of cannabis / marijuana drugs. Simply use the enclosed pipette to add three drops of the urine sample onto the cassette test area and you will have a clear result in minutes.