The price of US$15 is for a pack of five individually wrapped tests.

Methamphetamine, or P as it is commonly known in New Zealand is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs that people can take. It destroys the lives of those taking the drug and often brings despair to their families.

The long-term effects of taking the drug can be:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Violence and aggression
  • Poor skin condition with acne and open sores
  • Rotting teeth and mouth ulcers
  • Susceptibility to infections and other diseases
  • Anxiety, tension and depression.
  • Damage to brain cells and memory loss.

This single cassette style test is a very cost-effective approach to testing. Simply put three drops of urine onto the cassette using the pipette included in the packet.

The test is 99% accurate and is FDA approved. The test results are available to you within 5 minutes of completing the test.

The result will be one of three options:

  • Negative – no trace of drugs found (good news)
  • Positive – traces of drug detected, so confirms the person being tested has used methamphetamine (P)
  • Failure – no control line appears indicating it is likely the urine sample has been tampered with. In that situation it is likely the person being tested has taken drugs and is trying to avoid detection. However, you will need to arrange another test to confirm one way or another.

If you get a failure result it is possible that the test kit is faulty and if it is, we will send you a replacement free of charge. However, we have been providing test kits for over 7 years and have only had a problem with one test kit in that time.